My Apology...



Dear friends ... yesterday, I had been nominated by TalkSmart for the Filipino Blog of the Week. I deeply appreciate his effort in doing such whatever the grounds were why he think my blog qualifies for this category... it was really an honor for me to get nominated... Just this afternoon something came up that calls my full attention and with that I need to be away for the next few days or weeks maybe thus, I need to quit on the contest. Nevertheless, I would like to apologize and say thank you to everyone who had been spending their time to cast their votes for me. I really am grateful to all of you guys for being my online friends. Thank you so much and will look forward to see you all again soon...

2 Response to "My Apology..."

  1. Wow..Nancy, no wonder the poll box is none as I was searching for it to vote for you for the second time...emm I guess you must have a solid reason to quit it.

    Whatever it is, all the best and take care yea.Cu around soon.

    nisha says:

    Ahhh.. that was too bad! but i think better luck next time my friend :)

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