Filipino Blog Nominee (week 95)



Hi... my blog has been nominated for the Filipino Blog of the week. I remember I once hopped Talksmarts' page a couple of days ago and when he return a visit his message in my cbox says: Your blog is now nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 95). Please visit the site and vote. So I feel like woww! is this for real? lol! I had been voting bloggers in several categories but being nominated yourself is such exalting. I don't even know what the criterias are...

Anyway, I have generated a poll site here and I am inviting everyone please if you think my blogpage is deserving to win the Filipino Blog Award for the week kindly cast your votes by simply clicking the button next to my name onlinememorylane. Voting is counted in daily basis so your everyday ticket will be highly appreciated. I wanna thank TalkSmart for this nomination. This is such an awesome compliment...

To my friends and visitors, wanna thank you all ahead. This is gonna be a worthless challenge without your encouragement and support.

Cheers to the Filipino bloggers all over the world!

3 Response to "Filipino Blog Nominee (week 95)"

  1. ann says:

    I'm done voting. Good luck!

    Lizeth says:

    congrats on your nomination! :)
    goodluck! ill vote na :)

    Midas says:

    Looks like you're going to win! Congrats already :)

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