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I have been hearing over the controversy of deodorants being linked to breast cancer even before. But I believe the science and medical experts have not issued any persuasive evidence yet that revolves around this issue. In layman’s term, Paraben is a common group of chemical that is used as an effective preservative for many cosmetics and common health beauty products like antiperspirant. I really don’t use commercialized antiperspirant but I definitely use soap, lotion and shampoo that are only few of the basic beauty essentials that contain Paraben and Aluminum. We are all aware that chemical by nature is harmful that is why it is carefully taken before it is being mixed with a certain product. Thus, no product even the food we eat would last long without the presence of the chemical substance in it.

So while we wait to hear from the expert whether there is a considerable potential risk from the usage of Paraben and Aluminum, why don’t we join the Breast Cancer Link Debate and be vigilant about the issue. Here, everyone’s opinion does matter.

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