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Blogging for me is not just a simple hobby. Since I quit my last job, most of my time and energy has been poured out unto this and my other pages. Modesty aside, I am trying to get by through the bucks I am slowly earning out from this activity. With all my heart, I am grateful I have found this opportunity online where I cannot only share my ability to write and express but likewise can also able to earn and make a living. Compared to millions of striving individuals, only a few has the opportunity to do a comfortable way of living as this where you boss your own self and time.

So long as I stay blogging, my gratitude will be endlessly rolled for this community... the different people from different places I've known, the virtual friends I have and to the Advertising companies/Advertisers (especially, the recently launched Social Spark and Sponsored Review) who trusted the competence of my pages. These 2 companies had given me favorable opportunities more than I could give credit for.

I may not have constant interesting ideas to share all the time but my heart on this craft has been brought to test over several occasions. And guess what!! Di ko talaga sya ma give up...and that's mainly the reason why I'm still here. Wish you guys, will stay with me as I learn, share and blog!

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