should you make up with your bestfriend?



How can a "true" friend despise a bestfriend?

Out of vagueness your bestfriend talked a lot of bad stuffs about you. Branded you some tangy names your shallow heart couldn't bear. Outrageously tried to makes the whole world believe as if you are the best sinner in town. One fine day, that "bestfriend" of yours popped up. Perhaps trying to make a compromise. Would you be forgetful enough to grant for another chance? Should you make up with your bestfriend?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe you should never hold a grudge. Like it tells us in the Bible forgive and forget... Turn the other cheek... and It is not for us to judge... Even if judged it is not the proper thing to do to judge back... If you truly had/have a friendship with this person you feel they are being sincere in wanting to make amends then why not... If it was me I would, butthe true trust would have to be rebuilt... This is only my opinion... Everyone makes mistakes but as people most of us also learn from them... You friend must not have felt you were as bad as she thought after all it sounds like she is trying to make amends...

    Hi Nancy..I'm doing fine,only my PC are giving me headache this few days..what about you?I think the best thing is to forgive and forget,but forgiving is easy,but to forget is a bit hard.I never hold grudge against anybody,but still I'll always remember what people did to me just as a reminder to be more careful and not to be to trusting,because even best friends or relatives can sometimes do things you never imagine they would,because this is what I've been through.

    Hi Nancy..hope you're in the best end there.

    Wow...what a post!On the first place,why would what so called your best friend betrayed you? If a best friend betrayed you by saying bad stuffs about yourself, then I wouldn't classified him/her as my best buddy coz best buddy is the one supposed to be protecting and defence you from others who trying to say a not so good thing about you.

    However,when he/she did betrayed you and trying to amend,as human we should forgive one another although you might still hurt but to forget is another story...

    And no friendship/relationship would be the same again post-betrayal!!It takes time to rebuild the trust that has gone..
    From my 2 cents...

    Have a relaxing weekend yea.Muahhsss.TC.

    The best friend is me!!!
    It is good to have connected with you again Nanciang. Despite the bad words, I realized that you've been part of me.
    I am sorry for making you feel that you are the dirtiest woman on earth. That was really bad and I thank you for accepting me. I wish I'm still worth it.

    I'm a big sinner too. I regret the days I dropped you. But you know I'm still wishing to have your trust as in 100 percent. I dont know why I have done that stuff. Gosh~ How wicked was I. Slapped me ..pls!

    Bard Girl says:

    If the person was really your best friend they wouldn't talk trash about you. Depending on the circumstances you might want to try to make up but the friendship will likely never be what it was because there would always be that little bit of doubt that wonders if she'll do something like that again. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

    HMmm! This is a post where my heart can closely relate to. My "bestfriend" for more than half of my life haven't called me names and didn't talked trash in my face but she just simply "stopped" to be my bestfriend. You know what I mean? She never reached out to me to update what has been going on with her life now after she lived with her "hubby-bubby." I never judged her at all. I never stopped caring for her. Total blackout from her end. You're lucky your bestfriend realized she did you wrong, and Ive always believed in second chances. Whatever hurts she has caused you in the past, I know it will make your friendship stronger and will make you both better persons.

    I am still waiting for the day when my former bestriend will realize I am still the same person she used to call her bestfriend from way back. I never ceased caring for her though I continue to heal the pain Im feeling inside for losing her.

    Nancy says:

    Hi all! thank you so much for your pieces of advice here...

    We just found ourselves back to each other and we are simply starting to cope up with the differences. Hope, all will be as smooth again like it used to before. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. God bless us all!

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