Sneak Peek on WWE Monday Night RAW



(Mickie James, the new Women's Champion on RAW) For those who doesn't know about this yet... this is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) pic. My favorite entertainment television show on the planet, lol. Hmm... do I sound unrefined? Well, however you would like to perceive me, forgive me but I could care less (hahaha!). How can I help it... i love watching it. Me and my brother from way back in my hometown used to get along well watching this show especially Monday Night RAW and Friday SMACKDOWN. RAW's John Cena and HBK - Shawn Michaels are the two of my most admired among the superstars. And ohh..Victoria, Mickie James and Torrie Wilson are my pick from WWE Divas.

This morning (Philippine time) I was so glad to have watched it back after quite a long time of missing the ring's action and the wrestlers themselves... Here's a quick review of the action on last night's RAW... Mickie James' quest to regain the Women’s Championship has been a long road back to the top, but James proved all the doubters wrong when she did the unthinkable, dethroning Beth Phoenix on Monday Raw. (April 14, DST). After repeated close calls against The Glamazon in past months, Mickie James surprised Women's Champion Beth Phoenix to win her fourth Women's Title in London. The Divas celebrated with James after her historic hard-fought victory. For those interested, click here for more latest RAW results and info.

Special thanks to a good friend for letting me watch the last night's event. you're so great!

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3 Response to "Sneak Peek on WWE Monday Night RAW"

  1. JK says:

    HI Love WWE... Need to keep up to date on the matches been a while since i watched.. Raw was the first i watched in a long time...

    Anonymous says:

    mickie james you awsome diva ever im your biggest fan of you i really i like you a lot im wwe fan is you mickie james and john cena too i want for get him either im his biggest fan of him a lot i really like him a lot mickie your video rock keep up on your maches gil friend be freinds forever good

    Anonymous says:

    mickie will you be my girl friend you are the best woman champion all time good luck lot of love form heather your best friend xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo a lot becase i really love you so mush

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