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I'm so honored to have featured as one of Dez and Rocks' virtual friends in this blogging community. We personally don't know each other but I feel such sincerity in them. I'm grateful for the frequent visit they made to my pages. Wish to meet you both one day. I believe you're such a nice person.

Note: If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’. You may read everything about how this Featured Friend started by reading here and here.

Here are my pick: JK, Noushy, Ruby, Catsy and Dez. These people are not just an ordinary bloggers. In my heart, each of them is a friend (in varied ways).

2 Response to "My featured friends"

  1. Muahhss..Nancy you are so sweet! Really appreciate your friendship and thanks for considering me one of your friends and I'm so delighted to have known you and your blog.

    I will come back to read about those featured friends and the link that you provide, until then, have a nice weekend and keep in touch yea.

    Take care my dear.

    Rocks says:

    hi nancy! thanks for doing the tag. I enjoy reading your posts that's why I visit so often :) and yes hopefully we'll be able to meet in person someday!

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