My Deepest Disappointment



From my personal concept, I find this blogging thing an accessible channel to freely express a blogger's personal thoughts, opinion and even his/her sentiments on a certain situation. But like in professional journalism, I think it is also proper to consider ethics and decency in publishing our post entries especially in writing about our personal perception to people or to anything that we prefer to write about.

A random offensive blog entries pertaining to myself have long been posted from one of a blogger's page and I never get the chance to find out about it till I was out doing my regular hopping yesterday. These postings could have been worthless if it were only from somebody whom I don't virtually know but what struck me most was the realization that it was written by not just an ordinary blogger but by someone whom I had long been claimed as my best friend. I have no intention to say every piece of obnoxious and insulting words she has in mind to describe me while she made that entry. All I know is that, they're all enough words to define what a real and what not a real friend can do to a friend. All the while, I thought she were... Anyway, this post just goes to convey my deepest disappointment to what has been written about me. I would have had appreciate if she asked to talk to me the civil way instead of deliberately satisfying her purpose of tearing me into pieces... Yes, she maybe sorry like what she tries to insincerely do but the damage has been done and what was said has been said...May this post not be taken incorrectly. What I am just trying to stress out here is: let's all be civil people because after all, we're still in a public place. Besides, are we not mass communicators?!

7 Response to "My Deepest Disappointment"

  1. Hi Nancy...sorry to hear what hppnd to you and I really agree that we have to comply to blogging etiquette in our posting and should we have any problems is better to talk about it in a civil way to the person concerned rather than bombarding without any consolation especially not to what so called our best friend.

    This posting is a good reminder to all of us my dear.Thanks for sharing your thought.

    Hope you have a gr8 weekend and take it easy yea.TC my friend.

    wgn_white says:

    Hi, Nancy...
    Sorry ya, to hear that you've been through that situation...

    Any how, God says
    "Love even your enemies"

    Nancy says:


    thank you so much for always taking the time to read and for leaving your comment to my posts...You had been such a nice blogger friend...and weekend was just great...thank you for your kind words.

    May you have a great weekdays ahead of you..God bless!


    i'll be fine... thanks a lot!

    Bill & Gina says:

    Very Very sorry to hear that happen to you. people can be so cruel. I try to live by the rule do onto others as you would like them to do onto you. Take care.

    rech says:

    I guess that's just part of the risks we should take as a blogger.:)

    Mariuca says:

    Hola, I had this happen to me once last year and it was by a so-called friend too! Hugs for you!

    Also, I've joined the Friendship Chain and your name is on my list. Pls add me to your list here as well, thanks and have a great day! :)

    JK says:

    Hi Friends should not bash friends in person or on the net... Friends are supposed to stand behind you and let you make your own mistakes... Not bash you over how they feel about it.. Hmmm a simple I dont agree with you would have been a better way to say i disagree...

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