10 Reasons Why I blog



I got tagged by Lizeth to post 10 reasons why i blog... Been blogging for quite a while now but I really don't have exact purpose why I do but maybe I can figure it out here why. Well let me say I blog for these following reasons:

1. First off is definitely because I was convinced by a friend and I eventually found it interesting.
2. I realize, having a personal web blog page is like having something I can call 'my own'.
3. I get to find a place where I could basically express my own mind.
4. I find it favorable to always get connected on the internet.
5. It always pleases me to be able to share common interests and to meet various people from around the globe.
6. I can make good money out of it.
7. I blog because not everyone is given the opportunity to do so, so I am just taking mine.
8. I blog because it's one thing that keeps me going everyday.
9. It is one way of practicing my earned knowledge from school.
10. I enjoy learning from other blogger's posts and stories.

This time, I'm tagging Marie, Rocks, Joy, Charise and Denz. Hope you guys are having a great day...

2 Response to "10 Reasons Why I blog"

  1. Lyn2x says:

    Hello Nancy how are you today? God Bless you

    JK says:

    Keep doing what makes you happy and dont give up on what makes you happy... Your happiness is for you to choose not anyone else... So stay happy in what you do.....

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