What Do Your Stars Say About You?



While doing my regular blog hopping yesterday, I found something fun and groovy from Denz page...It's actually a sort of a tag asking several questions basically about one's self. Although I wasn't tagged I still gave myself a try and find it even more exciting as I took each tests. Among the questions, I opt to have this result to have posted in my page. Perhaps this may sound an ordinary question for some astrological forecast believers...can't also say myself I don't but the result took my by surprise. What do my star says about me?

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Well to a few, this might no longer be surprising but to some and most of my co-bloggers, this is what I really am. Not certain, tho if I am that intelligent and clever. Am I? (lol)...

To Denz...thanks to your page bro!

Enjoy reading and have a pleasant weekend to all of us.

6 Response to "What Do Your Stars Say About You?"

  1. ann says:

    Happy New Year Nancy! I'm quite busy kaya madalang makabloghop.

    Anonymous says:

    rebellious when restricted? Hmmmmm di yata ikaw yun ah!!!! I must say VERY SEXY!!!!
    Happu Hulidoy Nancang.
    Please get the number of benjie ke eves. PaUWI NA SYA NG DAVAO bukas (sunday) text him pleaseeee... Di ko kaadto (waaaaaa) nabusy sa work. Wa naman gani ko kadiary ...regards kang rico ug tukso ug kang busy buddy nga eves.

    Anonymous says:

    tag-naa kung kinsa ni... basta kulot ni sya.. inlove ke juday ug andy garcia.. unya labad kay dili mufollow ug instruction. hahahahaha

    Nancy says:

    frnnndd!!!! mao bitaw na disgrasya sa una kay rebellious..hahaha...unsaon, gi restrict man..pero pag-abot sa panahon , mahay man diay gihapon (lol)!

    hay nalang! (lol)

    ev says:

    of course you are intelligent!

    i miss you too my fren...we'll see each other some time...

    Have a wonderful New Year to come!!

    Nancy says:

    hi evs...u aren't answering my sms..miss you na gud.

    Happy New Year sad frnd...I wish 2008 will be good to you..Know what I mean?!!! (lol)

    luv yah frnd!

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