My Remarkable Life Experience In 2007



Year 2007 is near it's end and 2008 is knocking at our doors...We bloggers are fortunate enough to have each of our respective journals and pages where we can express something that we are convenient of sharing to our readers from the most important to the smallest details of every event of our lives. In blogosphere, we enjoyed hopping from one site to another, we learn a lot out from reading various entries from different authors and most of all, we gather plenty of friends from several places... Before I personally say goodbye to the outgoing year and embrace the next pace of life, I would like to make a run-down of the remarkable events, adventures and some issues that made up my entire year.

February is my birth month. One of the best present I received was my week long vacation to Cebu two days after my birthday where I spend great time with my sister and my nieces whom I barely see and talk to in a year. I can call it special because, it was my first time to visit the place. Although, I traveled alone, I still find it exciting and when I got there, my sister, the kids and I shared a lot of special moments together.

It was in August when my best friend, Evs convinced me to embark into blogging. Feeling unsure if I can really work for it, she still did create a blogsite for me. Being a new comer, I always find it hard to think of what to post, how to put a personal touch to my page until my interest starts to fade. It just came back to life in October when I started to do the blog hopping. From there on, the lost interest was regained and the page did just bloom. Just recently, I redesigned it and I am always glad and thankful to all my visitors who keep on spending a little of their time to drop by and read some of my entries.

Still in October, another notable episode of my life was when I found out that I was ill. I mean terribly sick. The gynecologist diagnosed me of having a Dermoid Ovarian Cyst and that i need to undergo a surgical procedure. It was a hard condition but I need to be strong for myself. The day of operation was set in November 15. As I was describing to my previous entry, it was the strongest and the toughest that I could ever imagine of myself inside the hospital. I could consider it as a learning experience, though. My one week stay in the hospital has taught me a lot of knowledge in life. The importance of one's health and the value of sharing what you have to others no matter how difficult the situation is.

This year's Christmas celebration may not be as pleasant as I expected it to be but December for me is still the most significant month of the year. The fact that I that believe that it is the time of love and joy. I might not able to spend it with my whole family but my spirit was with them.

Things may not happen according to how we want them to be but it does not mean to say that we have to stop from learning through each pace of our lives. Let us remember that in life we always have a choice. We are what we made of ourselves. Being thankful is the least thing we could do to give honor to the ONE who gave us the opportunity to live life to it's fullest.

'till next entry.....:-)

2 Response to "My Remarkable Life Experience In 2007"

  1. Hi Nancy! I wish you good health and a more fruitful 2008.

    A Simple Life

    moms..... check nyo

    Jim says:

    Hi nancy,

    I hope you have a wonderful year in 2008. Remember stay on the path God has provided and is sall lead to happiness..

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