What's In These Rooms?



Here are the different rooms I've been through before, during and after my operation.

DELIVERY ROOM - this room is actually where the pregnant women delivers their babies but as as an OB-GYNE elective patient, my doctors perhaps opt to have me interviewed in that room for them to have quick access with their patients who might need immediate attention when time arises. Here, common questions regarding health history and major complaints were asked.

CURETTAGE ROOM - this is where internal examinations of the patient were performed. It includes dilation of the cervix and curetting the endometrium or the lining of the uterus....I have been here twice.

ENEMA ROOM - In layman's term, enema is an act of cleansing the small and even the large entestine that carries all the toxins that we have inside our body. This procedure may sound painful and tiring to the some surgical patients but to me, that was the very relaxing thing I've ever experienced along the process. Yes, it may somewhat exhausting but the whole fresh feeling is distinctively explicit and cannot just be ignored.

OPERATING ROOM - where the surgical procedures are performed...In my case, I was sedated and mostly awake during the whole time of the procedure. I even managed to exchange some words with my anesthesiologist who is standing by at the head of my bed. I remember that I chilled because the room temperature was so cold.

RECOVERY ROOM - is also called a post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). A place where patient is taken to after surgery to safely regain consciousness from anesthesia and receive appropriate post-operative care.

INTENSIVE CARE UNIT - from the recovery room, I stayed here for a day.

By the way, I was confined at the Davao Medical Center where costs of operation is practically cheaper compared to those of the privately owned hospitals. But no matter where, what's more important is that it was successfully done and again I am very grateful to God for implementing another miracle in my life thru the gentle hands of the surgeons who were eminently performing the operation.

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