Hello there everyone, I'm back!



Yes, finally things are now slowly back to usual although, I'm not fully recovered yet but I am already able to be doing some of my typical stuffs like working with my blog but this time, in a little less period of time coz I'm still avoiding too much stress to fully cope up with my physical stability.

From the day of my admissison on November 13 until 15th came, I really could say that it was the strongest and the toughest me I ever could imagine of myself inside the hospital. The process were never simple but has to be done. There's the series of internal examinations, denying yourself from eating for days and the inevitably excruciating pain after the laceration (argghh)...But despite of all these, I remain optimistic of getting completely well so as to live life normally back again.

In my future posts, I'll be sharing with you how my condition and the whole procedure was like while being in the hospital but for the mean time, I would like first to say thank you to all those who visited my site and left their messages in my cbox even if I'm away...to Joy, $enay (a new visitor), Lutchi, Gladys, KM, Lizeth, Lovielly, Marie, Tin and Mari... thank you...to everyone who have extended their prayers for my successful operation, especially to Mommy Liza, thank you so much. I also would like to make a special mention to my bestfriend, Evs...a bunch of thanks for personally visiting me twice in the hospital....

How else could I express my gratefulness to all of you apart from saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH...This blogging thing and you my friends had been my inspiration why I am eager to recover fast so I can join you once again and continue expressing my viewpoints as well as exchanging thoughts and opinions with you, guys.

I see you all around! :-)

3 Response to "Hello there everyone, I'm back!"

  1. Liza says:

    HI Nancy! Welcome back :) I'm glad to hear you're ok ;) Pahinga ka at magpalakas. Take care!

    Nancy says:

    I'm equally happy to hear from you again, mommy Liz..thank you so much for your prayers.Medyo nakabawi na naman ako ng konti ngayon...

    God will bless you and your whole family in return!

    hi i'm glad your operation went well! just bloghoppin' here and read your posts. thanks for sharing!

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