The 5 annoying things...



Here comes another tag from the dazzling mommy Liza. I certainly appreciate and love answering tags like this coz it made me ponder over things that actually comprises my own self. This time I get to figure out the first 5 things that annoys me much.

1. Pretender - Better hush if you have nothing nice to say.....I've known few people wearing this character although I'm not blunt enough for a confrontation.

2. Cigarette Smoke - I'm pretty sure everyone do the same. We know better the trouble it brings to our health.

3. Gangsters - I really wonder why especially teenage boys and girls love to indulge themselves into a mess. Too disgusting to know that some parents are being unresponsive without even knowing what their son/daughters are into. Discipline suppose to start at home before we keep on blaming the authorities grasping to minimize if not to stop the crime rate of the society.

4. People exhibiting self-importance - I've got only one thing to tell to these people... "talk to yourselves!"

5. Interruption - especially if I'm working on something. Interruptions really blows my mind. As I've mentioned to one of my previous posts, ideas most of the time comes along smoothly whenever I am alone doing my thing .

Guys, this will help your friends and visitors know in a way the kind of person that you are and so I am tagging everyone here. Share what you got to say about this tag and if you do, just please leave some notes thru my tag board.:-)

Have a pleasant day ahead to all of us!

1 Response to "The 5 annoying things..."

  1. Liza says:

    Hi anak! Thank you so much for participating ; Please visit my blog, you've been awarded ;)

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