Hello, guys...I'm back! I was trying to compose and entry at around 9pm last night but can't do brainstem wasn't really working well..Andami ko kasi ginagawa the whole day. As in super exhausted na ako when I got home. But that was a fulfilling day, tho coz I completed the preparations I needed for my up-coming surgical operation plus I was able to get my new ATM account from Union Bank...:-)

Yes, you heard me right...I will be in a "hospital's theater" on the 15th of November ( nearly next week). It was October 11 when I was diagnosed of an Ovarian Dermoid Cyst, measuring 9.5x10.7x8.1 cm., right ovary. (If you're wise in conducting measurements, you would figure out, how big or small would that be .) That very moment, after the gyne-sonologist deliberately explains the what, how and why of my condition, I was bumped...Crazy apprehensions played at the back of my "am I gonna die, soon.....will I ever be the same I going to make it lying in a surgical bed with all the gadgets attached to the different parts of my body...will we be able to cope the hospital bills and other related finances? huhh! kahadlok nalang jud...perti ra ba jud ko ka talawit!

Plus the series of laboratory test that are not only physically excruciating but are pocket distressing as well.(haayy!) ---- But however I am going to look at it, it's already there and there is nothing more I can do about it other than praying that everything will be well during and after the process...Thanks to my hubby for always keeping me calm and a little stronger now.

Here comes the most intriguing question of the land! ----Am I still be capable of bearing a child after? Well, the answer is a big YES!Why not?!! It's only my right ovary that was being infected and not the uterus where the fertilized ovum becomes an embryo, develops into a fetus and gestates until childbirth.So the confusion ends up there...

I have not actually been thinking of disclosing anything about my present health condition but along the way, I've come to realize that it is far more better to be doing so for my co-bloggers and visitors' sake. For you guys, not to get bored seeing my blog unupdated in the next few days/weeks coz I'll be staying in the hospital for like a week in which I hope and fervently pray that there will be no any complications during and after the procedure. Plus the complete bed rest at home. So that would probably sum up to 2 weeks or more. (sigh!....I am already insinuating the whole time that I'll be virtually doing nothing other than lying in bed and taking numerous kinds of medicines.....grrrr!)

I'll see you again on the next few more days until 13th comes coz my confinement will be 2 days prior to the surgery proper.

Goodluck and more strength for me:-)

6 Response to "THE DISCLOSURE"

  1. God is with you Nancang.... I will pray for your safety too... Ingat baya haaa....

    Nancy says:

    thanks frnd...

    Rosell says:

    Hi Nancy! You are so brave to share your condition. Thank you and i admire you a lot for your strength. Continue to do so and you are in our prayers. God speed. Hug you tight...

    ev says:

    Be praying for you ciang...a lot of us will,infact..

    take it easy....God is in control..

    ngjaniola says:


    thank you for that inspiration. That's one thing I really needed most at this time...


    what mnore can I say than "thank you"...

    I've always been trying to be strong and keeping my signal up to the Lord, above.

    Your prayers would surely be of great help...Salamat kaayo.

    AH says:

    I wonder if you would feel comfortable speaking with a reporter in the U.S. about your ordeal. If so, do you have a personal email I can use to further expain?

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