Christmas is in the Air



The countdown says: "its 57 days to go before christmas..."Huh!" and its indeed getting closer and closer! Yesterday, after attending the Sunday mass at the Sta. Ana Church, we went to G-Mall and took home some Christmas Decors ( an evergreen tree and some accessories). Doing so really pleases me.

I always believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year despite of whatever hardships and crises we are facing in life..It's a magical season that brings unity and love to every family especially to our dear little ones.

Christmas in the air is rushing around and its quite unstoppable. So why don't you just start welcoming it now by putting on some christmas spirits right at your own home; like what I exactly did?

Have fun in doing so, everyone!

3 Response to "Christmas is in the Air"

  1. i loooove christmas! i can't wait for the holiday season! :) magastos but masaya naman...

    will put up the christmas decors soon.

    Nancy says:

    hi's nice knowing you...

    ur right but we can always choose how to spend christmas..pwede nating gastosan but i'm sure it's all worth it..anyway, minsan lang naman yan sa isang taon..:-)

    thanks for visiting my site!

    nice to meet you too... :)

    yeah, it's so worth it. when you give to others and it makes them really happy..balewala lang ung gastos :)


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