Update for Ms. World 2007



Today, the pageant organizers asked the 20 -year old, british Georgia Horsley from England to fatten up a little for the upcoming competition --an unexpected request, considering she's not rail thin.

"They've not given me a total (weight) to get to," she said. "But I'm going to eat, you know, healthy fats such as nuts and avocado, oily fish, things like that."

Shocked a bit but considered it as no big deal. She further added that she could have been more hurt if she was asked to lose weight, get a tan or let her hair grow.

Horsley has little more than a month to gain weight: The 57th Miss World pageant will be held in the Crown of Beauty Theater, in Sanya, China on December 1, 2007. The contestants will experience the thrills of China during this one month festival of beauty when they will visit some of the most famous and historical Chinese landmarks.

Meanwhile, the Philippine's bet Maggie Wilson is fully prepared for the said pageant and she will be flying to China early as the delegates are expected in Sanya by November 2nd. Included in the popular spots in mainland China that the they are going to view is the preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games.

quotes courtesy of Ms. World Press

5 Response to "Update for Ms. World 2007"

  1. Midas says:

    I miss beauty pageants. I never seem to have enough time to watch it since I moved to Texas, but back home, I remember watching every single one with my family.

    ann says:

    Tagal na rin walang crown ang pinas sa Ms.World after Ruffa. Hope we'll make it this year.

    Dabawenya Babe says:

    I agree, hope that we'll really make it this year :).

    hope our bet finally wins...

    bloghoppin here...

    Nancy says:

    I thank all you guys for your reactions to this post...

    yes, its true but i think what you have reached in life now is far better than watching a single event.

    don't worry, i'll watch it for you.

    ann & gladys,
    im sure our candidate will give her best to to bring home pride to the country.. (whether she will make it r not..)

    crazed heck,
    thanks for visiting my blog..i've been thru yours but can't access your cbox.

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