Blue Moon Friday and the Startling 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake

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Earlier yesterday it was announced on the local NEWS the journey of another unusual celestial event -- the Blue Moon (the second full moon of the month) to shine around the world. Though I’ve heard about it many times, I’ve never actually seen it with my bare eyes and yesterday was supposed to be the first. From where I am situated I need to wait a certain time of the night till I get a full view of the moon since my place is surrounded with tall trees. That means around nine in the evening and onward although I had my camera ready way earlier.

I was on chat with my cousin in Dubai while taking my time when a reported 7.7 magnitude earthquake startled most parts of the country. Whew, it was the longest I’ve ever experienced. I was locked up on my chair with my left hand securing the computer monitor while the other’s on my TV. Yes, thankfully my PC table and the TV stand are only few inches apart. And then there’s the breaking news shortly after the shaking. Social media sites were flooded with posts too related to that incident.

It’s already past 12 midnight when I remembered back the Blue Moon. I hurried out and looked up. Where’s the blue moon? Like a child I was expecting it would literally turn blue but did it? Not really! In fact, it appears just like an ordinary moon to me. Then I found out from Wikipedia that Blue Moon is never really blue at all - though on some areas the unusually bluish effect that is said to be caused by smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere is really visible.

Lastly, the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon” if you happened to hear of it is derived from this exceptional event. It is a common way of saying “not very often”. Just as the Blue moon only appear once in every two- and-a-half to three years.

Question: Did that celestial event have something to do with the shaking? What do you think?

11 Response to "Blue Moon Friday and the Startling 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake"

  1. ahahaha... way moon kay daghan clouds man.. and the blue looks like no blue at all.. pero isang lang jud sigurado Nans.. perti nakong kulbaa sa tsunami... hay nalang :(

    laag ko diri :)

    Chie says:

    We were all in panic during the shake..We all hurried out. I just learned from you here that the Blue Moon appeared during the shaking. The quake may be connected to the appearance of the Blue Moon.

    most people in our house also think the same... probably the event we call blue moon might have something to do with what happened.

    i'm just glad that nobody got hurt..

    thanks for your thoughts..

    cheers :)

    jheylo says:

    I'm glad you guys are all safe. we had it too, t'was like two days before PI had, i think it was 5. something and we were in the restaurant at the time for lunch. my husband felt it and he told me the walls and chandelier were swaying. i didn't felt it at all, i was busy washing my kids hands in the bathroom when that happened. well, it is clearly stated in the Bible at Matthew 24: 4-8 that this is one of the signs of the last days. I recommend you read it for further understanding.

    Shela says:

    Worrying about my family that are affected of the said lindol :(

    Mel Cole says:

    maybe lol... i hope every one is ok and prepared during the earthquake.

    zoan says:

    Maybe. Maybe there is something that connects them. Kababalaghan as commonly old people would claim.

    emzkie says:

    i enjoyed reading your post! i heard about the blue moon too and when i look from our livingroom window.. it was not blue to me, as you said it was just like any ordinary full moon. i didnt bother to shoot. i was also surprised about the earthquake. maybe thats the cause of the blue moon? =D

    We were in the pool that time, I waited for my daughter to finish her training,I can feel the earthquake, I wanted to run but my daughter was still swimming they could not feel it but they can feel the wave of the pool. Anyway, I really have traumatic experience about earthquake, I really could not even forget the date it was December 16... LOL and the blue moon when my friend posted it in FB i asked her its not blue its yellow and she laugh LOL

    I was wondering why the moon that night is so beautiful. I called it LOVERS MOON but never thought that is is BLUE moon. I even take a picture of it coz I cannot resist of watching how beautiful the moon that night. The nest morning, I heard about the earthquake...must be really scary :-( I am glad that my family is safe back in CDO.

    You're right. The blue moon might have had something to do with the earthquake. At any rate, we should all be prepared and know what to do during an earthquake.

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