Of Letting Go...



One day I was riding a bus on my way to the city. Back here in my place most of the air-conditioned busses are equipped with television set where they can play movies to entertain the passengers. Most of the time I just ignore it and listen to music that’s on my music phone instead. But there’s this one time where the movie that’s being played grabbed my attention from start to finish – an Indian movie I believe that’s about, power, responsibilities, belief and genuine love.

One of the famous lines I can’t forget from that movie says: “It’s not the power that’s your worst enemy in life… It’s love!”

Funny how that line strikes into my head just all of the sudden in the last week.

Isn’t it ironic? While it’s the sweetest thing you can ever think of in life, once harmed (whether meant or not) could shatter one’s entire senses in just a heartbeat.

Question: Is there really sense of trying to keep something that doesn’t belong to you?

Probably it doesn’t or things would have been different. For a little over a week I thought of holding on but the more I do, the more it pains. I may just have acted otherwise but my heart is just as vulnerable as others and can only take so much. So today I have decided to set something free that could have mean half my world but I know could never be mine.

Two things:
Time heals all wound.
Things do happen for a reason.

 It is never easy to let go of something that means so much to you. But sometimes in life, you just have to learn to and all the rest will be easier as they come.

5 Response to "Of Letting Go..."

  1. marri says:

    The hardest part on any relationship is....
    letting go and moving on.
    But I want to share with you this original
    quote from me and I hope you will come to terms with your quite confused mind.


    Admin says:

    I'm starting to think that way now, Marri. Thanks a lot!

    Everything happens for a reason. When I look back to all those moments when I felt so down in my life, I realize how important they were in teaching me valuable lessons and how small (and big) things add up to make me what I am now - happy and contented. We may not know the reasons behind everything at once but in due time, we'll see how all things come into place.

    Loving someone is the greatest thing but when relationship is over, letting go is the hardest thing to do. Time really heals and hope that it is easy on you. Keep your heads-up girl :-)

    i always believe that things happen for a reason..no matter how hard...
    just be positive always..
    tama..there is no sense of keeping something/someone that doesnt belong in our life..the more you hold on.. the more you lose yourself..mahirap mag move on..yes..pero makakamove on din tayo.at first feeling natin.. end of the world na..pero promise..time heals..and if that comes..pagtatatawanan mo sarili mo sa mga naiisip mo dati..hahahha..promise!

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