Three Years Ago Today

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It's my late father's birthday today. It has been 9 years since he passed away and he could have turned 62 already should he be around.

So like the usual we went to visit, lighted some candles, offered flowers and prayers for him earlier today. We've had lunch together after at home. Thanks God for the gift of memory and compassion. It has been 9 years but he is still remembered in exactly the same way as we did in the past.


Today also marks the 3rd year of this blog's custom domain - This was the very first and the only custom domain I bought through Google Apps - that's before I've learned about where I bought all the rest of my domains.

I quite have issues remembering important dates like blog anniversaries. That's why buying custom domains is much easier for me when done during significant dates like birthdays or the country's official holidays like Labor Day, Philippine Independence Day, etc... So three years ago today, on my dad's birthday came also the dawn of [the former] in the blogosphere.

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  1. Mys says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd year of blogging. More Power and God Bless.

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