Name Your Own dot info Domain Giveaway Now Have Winners!!! Could it be You?

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Holler!!! Finally the long wait is over. I supposed to have this announcement up last night but uploading videos took way much longer than I expected. Blogger acted up along the way so I had to switch to YouTube instead. Oh well... Every thing are set here now and I just cant wait any longer to announce the winners of the recently concluded NAME YOUR OWN DOT INFO DOMAIN GIVEAWAY. All in all there were 24 validated entries of the contest under the following names:

The possible highest points each participant can make is 20. This time there were 7 entrants who have gathered the same points and they are the following:
5. Mommy Jes - 20
9. Jared's Mum - 20
12. Lisa - 20
13. Mars - 20
14. Dick-Vince-Dory - 20
21. My Lucky Ruby - 20
23. Cielo of Brown Pinay – 20
Check out live drawing coverage below (via THE HAT) whose name came out the luckiest to bag the first dot info domain from Just the way it is

Now for the second domain… as much as I wanted to give each a fair chance to win, I have decided to draw the rest of the names on the list. And so the second lucky winner is…

You are advised to contact me ASAP at chinita [dot] me [at] gmail [dot] com and provide the following:
Subject: Dot info domain winner
Complete Name
Email Address
2 Domain names [Primary and Secondary]

And once again, my sincere appreciation and gratitude goes to each one who took part in the humble celebration of this blog’s 4th year in the blogosphere. I hope to still see you guys around!

4 Response to "Name Your Own dot info Domain Giveaway Now Have Winners!!! Could it be You?"

  1. Pinx says:

    congrats sa winners!

    Mai says:

    Congrats Mars and Mys!

    Yay! Thanks for hosting this giveaway sis! Nataranta ako bigla LOL! Will be sending you an email in a while ;)

    Admin says:

    You're welcome Mars!

    I'll keep in touch for the prize.

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