Direct Selling Opportunities and its Beauty

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Direct selling is fun. My mom though she is having a regular job being a teacher, she has also been doing direct selling during her spare and until now. I really admire her attitude towards it. She simply sells, get paid, be happy and never heard of any negative issues about it.

I used to believe I can never be like her. Selling is not my thing primarily because I am a very backward type of person… so full of apprehensions– making it hard for me to approach customers when collecting payments on due dates. But then she is such a mighty influence. Inspired by her I’ve had my first direct selling experience as early as 16 or 17 (if I am not mistaken) and while still in college. There were bunch of direct selling opportunities handed before me but I was too reluctant to try thinking I may not be able to handle them all well so I just considered selling beauty and wellness products – just about what I thought would interest the people I come in contact with on a regular basis such as my classmates, friends and roommates. Then I started to enjoy making money out of my own effort. Who would imagine I can do it? But I did, and it is simply a matter of will paired with a little bit of diligence.

See? I didn’t even have to go through a tough hiring process to get the job. This type of business is easy to start, easy to run and luckily it is inexpensive to get going. That’s the beauty of direct selling… working at your own time and convenience.  No wonder why a lot of people are still flocking to direct selling up until today!

2 Response to "Direct Selling Opportunities and its Beauty"

  1. Kero says:

    hihih I can relate. I grew up with my grandmother, a teacher as well and she too had considerable amount of profit from direct selling.

    these days, as a stay at home mom, I am seriously considering this option to earn extra moolah.

    gengen says:

    I can also relate since i did that when i was in the Philippines...

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