just another bad hair days



Anyone here knows why blogger was down for a long time the other day? Coz I certainly don't have a clue. That left me a worried I couldn't get my postings done. And yea, I know it's already too late to ask but I'd still want to know anyway coz still I couldn't get them done even after it came back. Somebody tried to steal my senses away from me and yes with all his mighty pride he succeeded.

My goodness, I couldn't even write with just some ordinary hoo-ha(s) I hear from the background how much more when having a shattered mind? And no, thing's aren't okay yet but I am kind of struggling just to get things done especially here. Things will be better I believe and soon I hope.

To my friend Cecile, sorry for the interrupted conversation...I honestly don't know how personalised number plates work but I will still try to get my friend/former office mate for you so you two can discuss about the matter the soonest possible time.

Tomorrow is Sunday... my big sister's birthday and well I'm looking forward to a day out. I honestly want out (alone or with anyone) even just for a while. Gotta find out later maybe what the plans exactly are.

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