where there is darkness, there is light...



To start the week right... I want to start the week right... I need to start this week right.

These thoughts were all that's whirling into my head last weekend. Really, it did! But yesterday came a news that truly devastated me, big time. It all happened in an instant and uncontrollably made me sob just as fast. If not for the people around me who cares, I almost couldn't imagine how else the rest of my day will be like yesterday after receiving that rough news.

But true indeed... where there is darkness, there is light... and who else but JK and this time with his so sweet daughter, Kris who virtually brought that light into my senses through their guiding words of comfort. Although they could only tuck so much part of the darkness away, still it helps relieve some of the burden, somehow.

Additionally on the same occasion, I finally got this book on the mail that didn't help me to show off some grin ... just very shortly after my eyes dried from so much sobbing.

This has been an anticipated book from a nice Facebook buddy and a former classmate, Aubrey back in my college years.

Somewhere in November last year if I remember it right, I posted something about Julia Robert's movie Eat, Pray, Love on my FB wall. It was where all the idea of winning this book started.

Originally, it was intended for my friend, Lovi (another college classmate) since she was really the bookworm of the class. She reads and collects books a lot... I don't... although I am as well fascinated with the book. But she admitted that she just placed an order of the same book at ebay and so that's how I luckily won it. In short, I was just a second choice but that didn't bother me really. I still think they're both sweet especially Aubrey for taking the effort to send it to me.

Girl, thank you so much for this wonderful book. It is such a very timely uplifting gift I ever received from you. All the best for you and Jeff!

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  1. Be happy! Hugs!

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