their kind of summer activities



Lover's time of the year has just ended. Here in my side of the word, it means summer season is drawing near. But in contrast to what most people love doing during summer - going to beaches, camping or traveling out with family and friends - being a homebody that I am, I still would rather stay and spend time with my two girls (whom for sure will be spending the whole summer with me) while engaging into different fun activities at home.

And talking about my girls, since I only get to spend quality time with them on occasions like this, I always have to make sure they will enjoy every minute of their entire stay even if it means another internet fasting for me, lol! Yeah, it's crazy but apart from watching eerie if not slasher films, just like me, my girls are internet buffs too... just not with blogging though but with videos watching and online games. So I guess as early as now I should start gathering up new holiday games for them and load them into my hard drive. That way I still can utilize my internet connection with my new laptop (that's on its way right now) without worrying so much about the girls. Thanks to my 1TB external hard drive. Having a huge space for files like these is such a big relief!

What about you? What are you up to this summer?

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