summer's cold treat suggestions for everyone



The warmest season of the year is set to officially take place in few days time here in my country. It also means summer holiday break from school for most students so to those who have children packed household like mine, better have those summer recipes for kids ready for I'm sure they will all be up our sleeve every now and then for some cold treat.

"Halo-halo" (mixed fruits, cooked beans in shaved ice, evaporated milk and sugar) is Philippine's most popular dessert and is every Filipino kids and kids at heart's favorite. I'm sure you don't wanna miss this one out.

Fresh fruit shakes and ice cream are also in during summer. Unlike before, ice cream making is now made possible for everyone to do with the advent of electric ice cream makers. This device is easier to use and enables you to prepare extremely delicious home-made ice cream of your desired flavors. Gone are the days of saving up for top brand ice creams from ice cream stores. With ice cream makers, you can always make sure there's plenty for everyone to grab.

So there you go... my cold treat suggestions for summer I'm sure everyone in your family will love. Have fun and enjoy summer 2011 everyone!

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