all wrapped into one



It's the 28th! And for some reasons this last day of the month is making me even more impatient... yet excited... impatient to get hold of my belated Christmas, Valentine and birthday presents - all wrapped into one package and should be rolling in anytime this week. I'm so thrilled!

I will never get tired of saying 'thank you' to JK and his daughter, Kris for the nicest birthday present (an HP Garden Dreams laptop) I am going to receive ever. And for the rest of the gifts, they still remain unrevealed. I shall make a separate post on that one as soon as I get the package but for the mean time allow me to savor the excitement first while wishing those many happy returns for my senders.

To Kris, I know you have been aiming to get your own car and have looked through several free classifieds pages in your country for that. Well just keep on looking for now. You are a very determined person and have a good heart. I'm sure God will provide your needs in time.

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