572nd post: JTIS on its 3rd year in the blogosphere



Three years ago today, this main blog of mine was generously created for me by a friend. It took her several times and on different occasions of "pangungulit" before I finally said "yes" to blogging. "Pangungulit" is being assertive in English if I got it right. Or Evs, if you're reading this, will you correct me please if I'm wrong, hehe...

So anyway, I think that was after lunch time of exactly the same day today when she started creating me a new site. And this was it! I sat beside her and though I find it a bit boring, I try not to make it obvious so I won't get her offended. And I'm glad I didn't because look at how far this page have gone now?

I still can't thank my friend enough. Even if we went through some hard times together in the past, I can't deny the fact, I owe all these to her.

How I wish I have kept a picture of this page with its very first theme but I'm afraid not. But just for a quick trivia, for three years this blog have...
  • gone through seven (7) blog makeovers so far if I remember it right;
  • published nearly 600 posts
  • have been granted a page rank of 3 by Google in just a month or so (but that was before I switch its domain into a custom one) and finally...
  • have made me $ ( and still counting) from paid postings
I'm not fond of making huge anniversary contests for my blogs. But let it be known to all how grateful I am for every simple gesture of interest you have shown through your visits, the link exchange requests and most especially for reading my entries. I may not be as responsive but at this point in time, let me THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart!

12 Response to "572nd post: JTIS on its 3rd year in the blogosphere"

  1. Congratulations on your third year! I will be turning three soon on my first blog at www.pinaymommyonline.com this coming November 2010. :)

    PinayWAHM says:

    Wow! lumalaki na si baby....hehe. Congrats on turning a year older.

    Kamusta na ang buhay Mommy Nancy? I hope life is treating you well. I haven't been here in a while....kunwari busy ako...hehe.

    Take care always...and thanks for the visit.

    Mommy J

    admin says:

    Thank you ladies...

    Rubz, it's nice to know we have blogs of almost the same age...

    Mommy J, okay lang naman ako. i think it's rather the other way around. i think am the one who's not treating life well, hehe! bratty kasi! :))

    Faye says:

    Congrats and happy anniversary!:)


    Nisha says:

    Congrats Nancy! i guess our blogs are blessings in some way or the other and you have given a good summary of your journey into and through blogging... :)

    Hi Nance!Tnx sa pag-comment ug pag-visit sa akong blog...Lipay ko kay ganahan diay kag basa2x didto...hehe...

    Congrats on ur blog's 3rd year anniv...more blessings and opps to come...

    Rocks says:

    Happy blogversary!! 3 years :) wow! that's quite something sis.

    Yannie says:

    Ako I blog because it's a requirement sa school... But later I discover my passion to write.... as well as passion to earn $ (LOL...)..

    CONGRATS for staying that long in the blogosphere.

    Dez says:

    Congrats on your 3rd yr. anniversary :D

    Lynn says:

    happy blogoversary to this blog of yours, nans! my "mother blog" (life) is turning 3 in December pa. and same story diay ta. may friend was the one who installed my blog for me too. and since she's in the US, everything was taught to me through YM. mayo na lang interesado pud ko. if not, wa jud siguro nahitabo kay labad pa man sa ulo at first.

    and like u, i can't thank her enough too. blogging has helped me a lot. well, u know na, the $$$. LOL.

    congrats again, sis! mwah!

    Marie says:

    Congrats!:D ive been blogging for 2 years I think and just like you, it continually helps me out in the way am expressing my thoughts..nways, care to suggest any blog to pay sites? LOL :D

    nuts says:

    wow! 7 blog makeovers? I only got one for my site and now thinking of dressing up a new theme again. congrats and more $$$ to come4. :)

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