three-busy day



This is what kept me busy lately... doing my cousin's wedding invitations.

I started the draft the other day, did the printing yesterday and got to finally complete them all today! That made it a 3-day project for me.

I haven't done this for so long that's why I got so excited when Flor (cousin's wife to be) asked me to do the wedding invitations for them. Who am I to say NO? To me this is a great opportunity to bring back the skills I used to have. How to become an expert in this field is something I would never refuse to learn. After all, this is what I so wanted to do again for business. Although I don't want to charge families... all they need to do is provide the necessary materials and I'll handle the rest.

As of this writing, I am still waiting for them to show up to pick their invitations up so they could already start distributing it to their invited guests immediately. Wedding date is on Saturday, the 19th.

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