joined mommy's merry month of may blog giveaway!



The most diligent mommy blogger I know was here again along with her warm invitation to join another giveaway of her for the 2nd or perhaps the 3rd time now. Thank you Mommy Rubz for always thinking of me and I'm sorry for the delayed entry (as usual)! The last contest (Follow Me Philippine Giveaway) I've joined in last month hasn't even drawn yet and now here I am hoping for some luck once again with Mommy's Merry Month of May Blog Giveaway!

I must admit I envy Mommy Ruby's devotion when it comes to blogging. She doesn't rans out of brilliant ideas to motivate other bloggers. I can't even imagine her ability to perfectly manage her time being a mom of three and a successful money maker. She simply has a very inspiring strength and dedication in everything she does.

Well, mommy good luck to your new main blog and thank you for sharing your success and blessings with us. I would definitely love to win a free domain and a one year hosting service! -:D Good luck to all participants!

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  1. Thanks for joining! I will announce the winners within this week! Sorry for the delay. :)

    Mommy Rubz

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