here, there and everywhere



In a place where we stayed in Camiguin, trees and lots of trees if not mountains and water are what we mostly saw here, there and everywhere. It's a different feeling for people like me who don't get to frequently see beautiful sceneries as vast as this. Believe me wherever we go, I always have my camera with me and no one can stop me from taking pictures from the smallest to the biggest details of anything I find interesting around.

The only thing that frustrates me (well not so though) is the unavailability of internet access in the place. You still have to drive few miles if you really need that bad to get online. Plus a remote internet system seems like a necessity for users to get the best internet connection possible. I think that's even more frustrating so I just didn't bother to go. Instead I just tried to savor and enjoy the rest of the experience along with my family and nature.

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