disk space is full



If not for a certain document that I tried to update this morning I wouldn't have had notice that one partition of my disk space is already full. Whoa, with tons of pictures I've uploaded there plus another ton of songs I have downloaded, it shouldn't have surprised me! Not to mention the recently added pictures of our vacation that consumed over 1GB of my space. Now I need to go back and scan each folders to do the necessary clean up.

Sigh! This is yet another pain in the neck! I am not even sure if my memory sticks has extra space for my hard drive files that needs relocated. Oh well.....

1 Response to "disk space is full"

  1. spiffy25 says:

    HDD space problem, yeah this is becoming a pain in the neck for most computer users. thank goodness external hard drives are invented.

    cool blog, its nice to drop by. :D

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