31 and counting... happy birthday big J!



Sshh! I just call him big bro but he's actually my younger and only brother.

At home, he's our cook (an excellent cook), my nieces' best friend and our protector since he's all the man that our family has after Papa left us years ago.

He turns 31 today. To celebrate, we just had lunch together earlier (courtesy of big sister) and he went out with friends shortly after. Hmm, what should we expect? Boys will always be boys. It's nothing new to us. He's an adult and can take care of himself fairly well.

What else could I wish for him aside from good health? I know everyone in the family wishes him the same.

Happy birthday, bro! No drinking too much...

2 Response to "31 and counting... happy birthday big J!"

  1. Oh! Hehe! I thought it's Jim's Birthday, hehe!

    Belated Happy birthday to your one and only brother, Nance. Many happy returns of the day.

    BTW, please read the Card:


    I am looking forward to seeing you on my 2nd blogoversary.

    Wishing you blue skies and all things nice,


    Lynn says:

    belated happy bday to your, bro. pirmi jus ko late da. hakhak.

    niwey, dili hosted sa wp ako "my so-called life". blogger ra to siya, sis. lahi to nga blog ako gi import sa wp, tong wa nako natagad for months. karon, tagad na kaayo. hehe.

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