My computer's finally fixed. No, it didn't turn unworkable at all. I just had some browsing issues over the last few weeks... the reason why I also went heavy-handed about updating. I've tried every way possible I can to restore it myself but none of what I did worked out so I gave up and sought help from my ISP as my last resort instead. It was an IP settings thing I wish I'm familiar with.

So anyway, I'm back to normal browsing and hopefully just hopefully I can also do the hopping now which I haven't done for quite a while since the rotating brownout series have started.

In fairness also to our power company, they have done a good job there catching up on loses. Power interruptions dramatically went down from 8 to just an hour or less each day as of late. Now that's good news. It gave me reason to become an early riser yet once again just like what I am today.

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