wrapping up december 2009 (events & highlights)



Hello and Happy New Year to you all (though I'm a bit delayed). 2009 has finally ended but my leftover posts for that year have been piled up and were still left unshared. Like I said I didn't get a chance to blog so much about the past season so before I begin with my 2010 entries, let me give way first for this one time post featuring my month-long holiday celebration along with my family.

Like any other kids and kids at heart, I got a Christmas present too. But mine came in way earlier... as early as 11th of the month. As shown it's a 10 megapixels Kodak Easy Share M1033 camera. Along with this in the package are Christmas cards for me and my family and of course presents for my daughters and nieces too. Thanks to the ever generous and big-hearted JK for being our Santa last Christmas.

Then there was our tree! Not my typical type of tree but the nearest store available runs out of white trees so we had green with white tips instead. Silver and blue for the ornaments but these colored poinsettias fascinated me so I picked them as well.

On the 12th, we (my family) except my brother went out to see lights and nativity scene display right in front of our municipal hall. It has been a tradition that people here in our locality do look forward to each year because it features a grand fireworks display during its opening night.

The girls super enjoyed everything they saw around. Thank God my new camera came in just right on time. I didn't know it would make me pretty little models, LOL!

I never asked them to pose like that! Hahaha!

Mom and I were on our way to hear a rooster mass or commonly known as Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi here in the Philippines during its first morning on the 16th when I took this picture below.

I was hoping to see clouds but this is all what my camera could capture.

Sick and not feeling well but still I attended the Avon's party for mom on the 19th. It was a whole day event she could have just let through but her ticket entitles her for lots of prizes and giveaways so I went as her proxy and I was so glad I did.

I brought home with a roughly hundred dollar worth of prices plus Avon products for giveaways. I also received a special award for mom.

She didn't know about it so it amazed her as soon as I handed her the plaque.

Finally here are some pics of our kids on Christmas Eve...

The girls enjoyed no longer the food but the lights they lit and the fireworks they heard and saw around.

Of course we fired crackers too having big brother as the in-charge.

Welcoming Christmas will never be complete without them. Not a safe practice though but we were always praying no one would get hurt.

Well that wraps up our December 2009.

True that Christmas really means family and I am grateful that somehow my prayers were heard and that's... not to celebrate Christmas alone ever again.

2 Response to "wrapping up december 2009 (events & highlights)"

  1. Lynn says:

    happy new year, sis.. belated!

    hope u'll have a fruitful year too. congrats on ur new digicam. hehe.


    admin says:

    thanks! happy new year too, sis!

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