an earlier and a much longer summer awaits the country this year: PAGASA



I've read the paper this morning. According to the weather authority, the country maybe experiencing an earlier and a much longer summer season this year. Isn't that pleasant news to hear? Summer is just but one of the few opportunities where students can get to relax away from those so stressful academic demands at school like custom essays, term papers, etcetera and instead enjoy themselves to the fullest and the things they so much love to do under the heat of the sun such as biking, hiking, hanging out with friends and family on the beach or anywhere away from home.

The weather spokesman added that as early as next month people may already start experiencing the summer's heat due to the approaching El NiƱo Phenomenon in the country.

2 Response to "an earlier and a much longer summer awaits the country this year: PAGASA"

  1. Lynn says:

    wow! new look lagi sis? i like the color, cool!

    admin says:

    thank you sis...syempre new year na gud, hahaha!

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