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For weeks I've been mum about SocialSpark's inability to approve my posts. There were two of them. Several requests for manual checking were sent including the last mail expressing my frustration towards their support system after they auto rejected all two. Frankly I get really pissed with such automated responses coz it don't really well address your complains at times so in my case I have to stress out that I need a manual and real time answer to my issue and not the automated one. So this morning I finally got it from them and it says:

Hey Nancy!

I apologize for the delay in response to this ticket.

After taking a look at your blog post it appears there is something odd going on with it. When you visit the URL (the URLs of the post) the page loads, but then within 5 seconds the blog is gone and alert saying that your site could be harmful to my computer appears - I have included a screenshot for your reference.

Unfortunately, because of this our scripts are unable to read your post and it will never make it through auto-reject. Please check on your blog and see if you have something harmful on it before submitting any future posts to SocialSpark as none will be able to make it through auto-reject with this as is.

Thanks again and I apologize for any frustration.


Account Manager

and below is the attached screen shot of my site's suspected malware issue....

click image to enlarge

See? I didn't even aware I have this kind of issue until I got their mail. I could have saved my posts and get paid for it if they are only prompt in addressing their users' complains. But I don't want to blame them this time in fact, I wrote them to apologize.

Initially JK thought my site was hacked but using special software, he was able to have the error figured. You need to click the screen shot below to clearly see its details.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with that encircled website on the error message window. I think that explains further the woes you had and will still have (for those who are still unaware) regarding the unreliability problem of this site.

Sue me for being an earning blogger but now that I had my site loading back to normal I am getting enough with these humbugs. It is now time to pick up some remaining garbage and ditch them to where they belong!

I just submitted another post recently to SS and crossing my finger it won't get affected. I asked as well if they can reconsider the last two posts and still waiting from their end as of this writing.

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