At 2pm yesterday I made my way to the local Commission on Election office to accomplish form of sworn registration to become a qualified voter (again) in next year's national election. As mentioned, I am one those hundreds if not thousands of quashed voters for failure to participate in the last local and national elections.

Like the last time, seems like this office never ran out of ideas to disappoint people... or Am I just too fussy. Well first of, I assume they (officials and/or members of the office) are wide aware that events like this may cause congestion if not well taken care of. Considering the size of their office, they should have at least assigned areas for each step where people can accomplish their registrations systematically. In yesterday's case, people (voters and non-voters) are everywhere leaving the room so still and airless! I didn't know if they even noticed it or were they just too busy doing their jobs to take control of the situation. But even so, I still did try completing mine and worked my way out of the office the soonest I could.

I tried to look for a suggestion box to air my observations as soon as I got out but I saw none.
Oh well.....

5 Response to "airless"

  1. ganon talaga sa gobyerno(madalas)They don't care kung makahinga ka o hindi. PUpunta ka magbayad ng tax pero it will take time tapos mapapunta ka na lang sa Rest rooms na kadiri pa.

    psycha says:

    hi just came to visit your nice c orner

    hay, mamaya na instead of mamamayan muna...right?

    Rossel says:

    our government system sucks. di ko alam kung kailan mababago yan. wala na yatang pag-asa.

    Lynn says:

    well sis, what else is new with them. la jud na klaro ila system pirmi. mapungot ra ka pero kay pildi ra man maglagot so forget na lang. hehe.

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