sunday senti



I miss them more than anyone else on earth today. Life is much way different without them.

9 Response to "sunday senti"

  1. JK says:

    Kate and Naureen are as pretty as there mommy...

    Liz says:

    Are they twins? I can see some of your features. They're very pretty.

    PinayWAHM says:

    They're beautiful! I can only imagine how much you miss them. It makes me tear up just thinking about being away from our little girl for whatever reason....

    btw, I saw the rambutan and lanzones in your post below....penge! hehe...

    Have a great week, Nancy.

    Mommy J

    nancy says:

    Hi Liza, no they're not twins. i just dressed them up the way they wanted me to and fix their hair the same.

    Miss J,

    wish I could hand you some. thanks for dropping by, anyway.

    Maus says:

    hello nancy
    thanks for droppingby..
    they look like twins??..

    Nisha says:

    Hi Nancy.. who are they... by the post and comments they look very close and dear to you.. but wonder..

    Nisha says:

    ... and moreover they look like you and are truly beautiful :-)

    nancy says:

    thanks Nisha:-)you're right, they are my dearest!

    Rocks says:

    They are indeed as beautiful as you are!!

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