what's with Paypal lately?



I didn't know that Paypal is now prescribing charges apart from their $5 withdrawal transaction fee. Last Monday, July 13 I received payment from an independent advertiser for the review I made for their website. I was a bit surprised because instead of $60 I only get $57.36. That prompted me to immediately check the transaction details and from there I found out that a certain fee amounted to $2.64 was being deducted from my earnings.

July 2, I received payment of $40 from the same advertiser. If you take a look at the screen shots below, the first payment was obviously intact while the recent is reduced. So I've been wondering what this is all about. I was thinking of contacting the sender to clarify the issue but I refrain to so do considering that the amount sent to Paypal was undeniably exact.

Transaction Date: July 13, 2009

(click image for larger view)

Transaction Date: July 2, 2009

I have been using Paypal service since 2007 and have deal no issues like this as to my preceding transactions. I tried to review their notifications on policy updates (top right of my account page). The latest policy amendment that took effect June 3 of this year does not actually describe any additional receiving charges like what they could have been mistakably imposed to my account so I wonder where on earth is this coming from! If this was just one of those unavoidable online discrepancies, I might consider but if not I think as a bonafide user I practically have the right to demand clarification from their end.

I wonder if you encountered the same lately. You're free to unload any related issues here.

3 Response to "what's with Paypal lately?"

  1. Liza says:

    Dati na akong me ganito kasi I signed up for a business account. I didn't know na pati pala personal accounts may charges na rin.

    Lynn says:

    pag business account daw to personal account, may fee sis. pero pag personal to personal wala. mao siguro na. di pud ko sure. mao to ingon ni mabelle.

    when i pay my purchases at ebay, the seller ask for an additional payment for the transaction fee. pero ngano wa man ni deduct sa una no? tapos save advert? hmmm, ribog. LOL.

    nancy says:

    mao bitaw natingala ko, sis.

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