a blue weekend



That's how I am yesterday and today. Everyone in the house has to leave for some reasons so I am left all alone. Should I be glad? This is what I asked for after all. An undivided time for myself and my online chores. But why do I still feel disturbed? I can't seem to stay still. Can't keep my mind to one direction. Must there be something I have missed?

Still alone and pondering...

5 Response to "a blue weekend"

  1. Lynn says:

    same diay ta, sis. i was blue yesterday pud and i can't figure the exact reason pud. maybe i was just bored...ambot sa langaw. LOL.

    but i'm better now and hope u are too, sis. ingatz!

    nancy says:

    a little bit :-( but i will soon be fine, sis..thanks a lot!

    Hormone change kaya?

    liza says:

    Haay, minsan ganayan talaga, you wish for a time for yourself pero pag nagalisan naman lahat parang me kulang. hehe.

    nancy says:

    not sure, sis. maybe! maybe not! idk, lol!


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