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How well can you handle failure? When hunches to your favor switches and will turn the other way around? I bet some are courageous enough to tell themselves "it's ok" or "well, maybe it's not really meant to be".

How simple and brave! I wish I embrace that kind of attitude too.

But it's been 12 days and still counting. Never been easy but I am trying to convince myself that there are some realities in life I can never change. And what other choice do I have than to start anew, move on with life and let that dream I once had and I so long to happen just drift away.

As per rule... you will never know what chances you have in life unless you do something. Well, I did. Went to place I've never been...successfully tried to take my chance and failed!

But I believe people succeed through failures. Not once, not twice but as many as it gets till we find another opportunity to begin something more intelligently.

7 Response to "life and chances"

  1. Rocks says:

    sis, read Jeremiah 29:11

    God knows whats best for you!!

    nancy says:

    Oh, i surely will, sis.. thanks a lot!

    Lynn says:

    failures are life's spices, sis, i believe so. and they make us a better person too. u think so? don't worry, try and try. don't stop trying just because u failed. mwah!

    liza says:

    Hi sis! Dali lang sali dun, just post a song and go to LJL, the originator of the meme. Her link is on my MM post. Leave the post url and leave a comment, that's it!

    Happy Monday!

    nancy says:

    thanks liza..will try it soon!

    hi girl, did i missed something here? how are you ? im sorry that i failed to visit here because we went to louisiana and florida ...

    anyway, musta na ? i tried to view your posts few days back but, can't find any posts...i hope you are alright....sana....

    nancy says:

    Oh, i'm doing fine now, Ams..thank you so much. And I'm sorry I need to restrict this blog for the last 2 weeks...for editing sana but still can't pick a template that suits my taste... sensya na :-(

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