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Enough with the salty coffee! Here... let me share another taste of life.

Have you ever experience a month-long real bad luck? I did! It started with a "HELP" that turns into a series of terrible days.

Around the second week of the month.. for the first time I tried withdrawing my money from Paypal through my local bank. Like it says, I have to wait for 5-7 days so from then on I started counting. On the 8th day, I received a confirmation from Paypal that says:

An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

Invalid Bank Account Information

Well prior to this, I already was facing some personal issues so when I got this message from Paypal, I was just a bit stunned and finally sobbed out of dismay and disappointment. Who would be happy when you're charged to close to $20 for an invalid bank account information? So I left with no choice but to
make another withdrawal transaction again... with a lesser amount this time...

Saturday, last week (17th) my sister asked if I could help her meet the amount she needs to cover their hospital bill. I had a thousand and a few hundreds left in my wallet. I knew a thousand wasn't enough but I still wired it anyway just as to help her some. The following days became so tight until I finally
run out of cash in my pocket.


On Wednesday (13th), JK did. He wired me a few dollars through the Western Union. I was a bit relieved... When I have to claim the money, the local money transferring outlet (HLhuillier: WU affiliate) went
offline! and there was nowhere else to possibly get the money from.

WHEW! What the ****!

The following day, Thursday (14th), I headed to the city. At least there, there are numbers of WU outlets. In one of the malls, I tried. I'm a bit happy with the exchange rate.
47.02 to 1USD. I filled out a form, handed it to the lady and waited for my turn. Finally my name was called.

The WU lady: "I'm sorry miss but I can't seem to locate this transaction. You must have written the wrong control number!


She tried encoding the numbers one more time but it still didn't go through. I texted JK to ask and verify the control number for me again. He didn't answered. So I have to find the nearest internet cafe'. It was around 11 O'clock. Good that he's still awake. We talked a while and then I left the cafe. On my way out, I saw another WU outlet. I tried. No, they don't accommodate international transfer.

Urghhh...... how terrible!

I made up my mind and headed my way back to the WU where I first transacted from inside the Mall. I queued myself again. While standing in front of the counter when my name was called, I spotted the exchange rate board that says:
46.97 to 1USD.

Now, how's that for being so unlucky, huh! But wait.... the bad luck didn't end there yet... however this is getting too long to read for just a single post... don't it? So let me just save the rest of the story for my next entry.

Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone!

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11 Response to "spot the bad lucks"

  1. Lynn says:

    when it rains, it really pours. LOL.

    haay, ana jud life panagsa sa, sungugan. hope ok na and u finally got the $ na. :)

    got something for u...

    Nancy says:

    oh, yes i got the money already, sis.. hahaa..what a terrible life I have this month. New year na new year...

    anyway, I've seen the tag. will pick it up as soon as i can. thanks a bunch!

    Brian says:

    hello nancy don't allow the problem ruin your day! it's a bright day ahead right. Beside think of those people who doesn't have a paypal and they keep on complaining about the poor economy.....hehehehe kuyaw no! have a nice day nancy!

    Hi Nance! Hala ka noh! Kung malason, sunod-sunod jud. Good thing JK is there. You have all the reasons to cheer up and smile. It's great to be back here again

    Have a fab SUnday!

    rosa says:

    haha your post is very interesting.. what a bad luck you have this month. Good thing, JK is there! kung wala siya, wala kapa pera ngayon! hehe

    Arlene says:

    Hi Nancy, it's not going to be badluck everyday. IN every person's life, times like this happen and it's normal.

    Am just curious what made u lose that more than 20 dollars for a bank account transaction - is it EON - paypal thing? If so - baka maka relate ka sa akong story here -

    i would appreciate a comment. Since that time i never tried EON again.

    JK says:

    Sweetheart I told you from the start I will help you with what I can as I can... You are a special type person... You have a habit of helping others more then yourself...
    Sometimes helping ourselves is needed as well... I hope everthing works out in the end... Start thinking positive again and thing will go positive again... Remember negative thoughts breed negative results...
    Love you, mahal na mahal kita...

    anneberly says:

    what a pain in a ass. I dont think its bad luck. Things just happen.
    Beyond The Rave Reality, Computer and Electronics, Money Online Thoughts

    Nancy says:


    thanks sis.

    re-paypal. i think it's not Paypal that sucks. Maybe it's the local bank. I've never had such problem with Paypal before until I tried withdrawing my money through the local bank. I don't wanna think about it further so I just let it pass but i will never make any transaction with them again. I would rather pay $5 and have my funds transfered safe and on time.

    Nancy says:

    thanks ya so much too!

    Anonymous says:

    I dont wanna comment~~~ u know my standing when it comes to money...oppss.. hwag galit~ prinsipyo lang ang pinagkaiba natin. I still love you Nance!


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