rediculous thoughts



Lately, I have this guilt feeling towards my readers and visitors for the effort they have extended only to visit a getting so lousy and sleazy blog... (shame on me!) That is why I am using my belly condition as well as the so dreary weather for an excuse to get an off from work today. I am so stressed out as of late. My job consumed too much of my time and energy that it leaves me do nothing but to spend my free hours in bed sleeping instead of updating and doing the rest of my online chores.

I knew it!

With its nature and the responsibility that the job requires, I know doing a time compromise is never gonna be easy. So I am giving a thought of giving it up... I also need to weigh things out. Benefits and take home wise. Well, I knew actually from the start that I will never get even half of what I make from blogging but just because of the fact that I am starting to feel like I already become an internet slave which I don't think is healthy at all is what made me decide to get a land based part time job.

Tsk...tsk...tsk... silly me!

None of what I am doing is healthy at all but hey... practically aside, I would rather spend my time and effort to something that would pay my bills and would help me get by. I think that would make more sense...

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  1. Relax lang Nancang. Enjoy every moment. Things will be fine...

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