new year's misfortunes (spot the bad lucks II)



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... so I made up my mind and headed my way back to the WU where I first transacted from inside the Mall. I queued myself again. While standing in front of the counter when my name was called, I spotted the exchange rate board that says: 46.97 to 1USD from 47.02 an hour ago.

Oh well, what can I do? I just would rather sign the papers or get nothing at all. After counting the money, I headed to SWC right away to pay my internet bill via the electronic machine. Forget about lunch! I need to get my errands done that day.

I stopped at the grocery... quick! Payed and left.

At a fast food chain, I grabbed a food and drink which I think of munching inside the van while sitting on my way home. So I ate while the car was running. It was only until then that I realize how hungry I was. Felt a bit relax after filling my tummy up... laid my back and fall asleep.

Finally, I'm home! Dropped everything in place... sat a while and took a sigh of relief. It's already around 5:00 in the afternoon. I still have to wake JK up and let him know I made it safe home. I turned on my PC on. I thought the hard lucks were through.


My internet was disconnected!

I hurriedly call SMART's hotline and the agent at the other end confirmed that my internet connection was temporarily disconnected due to unpaid balance. WHAT?!

Calm down, Nancy...calm down... Can't believe it! What a funny joke! I need to go back to the city AGAIN to settle the issue and yeah... they're right... so I have no reason to argue. I unintentionally missed paying my bill for the month of August last year.

Two days after, Saturday (24th) while talking to JK online, I smelled something familiar around my room. A burn-like smell. He then instructed me to check on all the wirings around the house. Can't find any. Few minutes later, the smell is no longer tolerable. It gets stronger and wanting to suffocate me this time. While I'm busy looking around trying to find out where it could possibly came from, I noticed that my PC suddenly went all blank. "Oh my"... was all I could utter. Worried about what might had happened, JK called me on my cellphone to check if everything were ok. We talked a while, I pulled all the plugs off and after the terrible smell was gone, I then went to bed to sleep.

25th. First thing I did in the morning was to clean my CPU. Know what I saw as I unplug all the cords attached at the back? Believe it or not... a burned power supply cord! Good thing the damage wasn't that bad, but I have to live a day without being online.

SIGH! I wonder what on earth have I done to get penalized this way... and I wonder what's gonna be the next.

Please... I have enough of these misfortunes for the brand new month of this brand new year!


6 Response to "new year's misfortunes (spot the bad lucks II)"

  1. Lynn says:

    and here's the second part. grabe jud diay nimo malasa atong panahuna, sis. naa jud bitaw time ana no. sungogon jud ka taman. life!

    musta man sis? murag dugay naman ko wa kaanhi. nitukar akong tapol. LOL.

    hope okie dokie na ka og wa na ka gidimalas pareho ani. hehe.

    ayo ayo diha. mwahugs!

    Lynn says:

    naa tuod ko award nimo. tanawa ra unya didto ha.


    Nancy says:

    hay...kalooy sa Ginoo, sis mura nahuman na man siguro (for this month, lol!)

    anyway, i'll grab the award later ha..mura naa pa ko utang na post nimo da :-)

    Anonymous says:

    heeyy!!! what can I say? sayang! i missed that day. how i love to capture u in my cam. hehehe
    I love the way you wrote it. Very personal,gumana tuloy ang imagination ng witch while reading. Keep it up! It is so Nancy-like!
    Lovielly ni.... (grinning!)

    Nancy says:

    salamat loves. na puzzled na unta ko sa anonymous ba, hahaha!

    Michelle says:

    Wow, what a bad luck for Jan. 2009! I hope by Feb. positive things will happen to you. Just hang in there and always have hope for the brighter side of the coin. Dili man sa tanang panahon nga bad luck pirmi mahitabo, so naa gihapon swerte moabot. Basin sunod2 na sad imong swerte next time kay nag sunod2 man imong dimalas. Tingbon ra next time and swerte. :)

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