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"Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health"

I wonder how this slogan would ever serve its purpose. "No Smoking" signs are everywhere. We see it at school, church, health institutions, hospitals, buses and even at some public areas. However, cigarette vendors are also outspreading tremendously.

Sigh... how ironic!

Of all vices anyone can have, SMOKING is something I really hate the most. Pardon me dear smokers but I have never seen anything about smoking that is so beneficial to life at all. At times, I can say how lucky I am for most man I have closely known in my life don't really smoke. I am just as glad we do have a smoke-free environment back at home although some of my relatives does but only on occasional basis.

Most of us are aware the primary components of cigarettes are and how threatening it can be to our health. But I'm telling you... you probably won't believe the next thing I am about to reveal about smoking. This will definitely address your inquisitive mind why you shouldn't smoke. Tobacco is a $200 billion industry, producing six trillion cigarettes a year - about 1,000 cigarettes for each person on earth. And this is what you'll find in cigarettes:
  • Formaldehyde, which embalmer use to preserve dead bodies;
  • Toluene, which is commonly used as an ingredient in paint thinner;
  • Acetone, an active ingredient in nail polish remover;
  • Ammonia, which scientists have discovered lets you absorb more nicotine, keeping you hooked on smoking.
If you smoke, you're also inhaling arsenic, benzene, cadmium, hydrogen cyanide, lead, mercury and phonol. In all, 4 000 harmful chemicals, including 44 types of poison, of which 43 are proven cancer-causing substances. Quit for good...


After 8 hours, the carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal.
After 48 hours, nerve endings start regrowing and the ability to smell and taste is enhanced. After a year, the risk of heart disease drops halfway back to that of a non-smoker. After 15 years, the risk of coronary heart disease is that of a non-smoker.

3 Response to "think about it"

  1. i hate smokers too! they really bug me.

    anyway, i got a tag for you mommy!

    Lynn says:

    same here, sis. lagot jud ko ananng manigarilyo labi na maskig naa nay karatula nga NO SMOKING! grrr. my eldest brother is a smoker. grabe na kasaba sa iya pero wa jud nadutli. kapila na pud siya kitag episodes sa discovery channel nga kanang itum na ang baga tungod sa cigarette, wa japun. haaay na lang. siya ra jud ga smoke diri, si papa nako wala, ako isa ka brother wa pud, ako hubby sa una wa pud. i don't think he'll ever get it out of his system. :(

    Lynn says:

    got something for u pala, sis...

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