you wish... they help you make it come true!



I have watched several television shows featuring special segments like granting children, family or someone's Christmas wishes for each year's holiday. Programs like this really touches my heart especially seeing a teary eyed recipients, expressing how grateful they are even for a very simple wish granted to them.

Well, considering today's economy where almost every commodity's price are racing up sky high, money issues is really tight. Like me, I know it also makes you sad sometimes to just think of setting aside your Christmas wish list either for your own self or for someone special this year. But hold on... don't drop your hopes just yet. Sears has a solution to that. Layaway plan is back at Sears to grant those holiday wishes of ours. Hmm... let me check what's in store for me at Sears...

This Disney Princess sweater, duster and pants set is only $26.40 at Sears. I'm thinking of it as a nice addition to my girls' Cinderella collection. I'm sure this set comes in different colors.

I wish to have this oven too since I love to experiment especially on pastries and cakes but like I said, money is really tight for me this time so I am thinking of recommending this instead to my sister. They just moved in to their newly built house so this might be a good idea for their new kitchen too.

I find this 10pc homeowner tool set not just appealing but is also essential for our everyday lives. We never know what will happen to our devices and fixtures from every now and then especially if we have children at home who always have a curious mind over everything. It's worth having at a very reasonable price of $14.99.

All these easy way to pay gift items and more are available at Sears Layaway. All you need to do is visit the site, shop, put your items on hold for a few days by making a down payment, pay a little each week and once your payment is completed at a given period, voila! You're done. This time the items you paid for is ready for take home... Just that simple! You can then see after what you saved for yourself. Time, energy and a perhaps a little penny...

Have fun shopping!


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