unknown fact about me



Unknown fact about me: I can hand sew like a pro, lol!

This question was asked from a tag I have recently answered and posted to my other blog
here. If I have to answer it again I would rather say: I can write a single blog post for an hour or so.

Absurd, ain't it? And nobody knows about it until one day when I have to ask favor from JK to help me beat the same deadline for three paid reviews in a row. I assigned him one and obviously, he was able to finish his while I am still halfway working with my first task. He then asked, why does it have to take me hours to accomplish a single review. I really don't remember what I told him exactly but in case you guys may wonder, I have several reasons why I do not only on paid but on personal posts as well.

First off, I consider quality blog entries.This is not only to compensate the advertisers but to drive page views and returning visitors as well. Adding free blog images is another thing that takes my time. I have to make sure I am using relevant pictures to make my post appealing to my readers.
And lastly, I have to double check language rules cause even if blogging is a casual form of communication and requires no particular skills, we have to remember, we are still publishing publicly so whether we like it or not thorough-minded people will criticize.

Why do I think this way? Because I'm not perfect... yet I'm trying to be apt as I can!

Care to know how many hours it took me to finish this post?!!

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3 Response to "unknown fact about me"

  1. Lynn says:

    how many hours nga ba, sis? hehe.

    well, you're right, critics are everywhere. pero ako, bahala na basta naa ko masulti. sometimes it would only take me about 30 mins to do a review pero nagkayagaw pud lagi. lol. depende rin sa mood ko that day. there are times that i find it hard to create a phrase. there are times pud that ideas just keep on popping.

    but to be honest, u really do good with your reviews. way pabor pabor na ha. lol.

    salamat sa bisita, Nans. night night!

    Nancy says:

    :-) thank you Lynn.pa simple lang ba no?! haha, pero paid post diay 'to!

    JK says:

    Well As long as you are happy doing what you do and you are satisfied with it in the end thats what counts... Take as long as you like you look beautiful sittig there anyway... So I get to enjoy watching you write lol... In the end it only matters that you are happy with what you have accomplished... You do a great job at what you do...

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