weekend at the la-la-la- land



I am being bratty again today... and because I don't feel like talking to anyone (for some reasons), I chose to be just with myself and all alone at the la-la-la land for hours. When I woke up around 2pm, I realized I took nothing for my belly yet but never mind. I may grab something to eat later.

When I finally gather myself back after a so tiring sleep, I sat and started pressing my keyboard for a paid post when a friend popped up on my screen. I haven't heard of her for a while so to the backseat na muna si "review", lol!.

Anyways, nice to hear from you again, Evs after quite a while. Thanks for the chat!

The next thing happened... I spotted and affiliate opp from SS. Grabbed and posted it.

Hmm... I guess life is not really that bad at all...

Oh well, let me get out of here so I can now start composing the post I am originally thinking and trying of doing for today...

Happy weekend to all!


2 Response to "weekend at the la-la-la- land"

  1. anneberly says:

    I am usually like this. I just want to spend time alone and it's good emotionally. Thanks Nancy at least I am not alone on this matter...lols
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    TroubleX2 says:

    I have those "bratty" moments myself. For some reason, I hit ignore on the cell phone. Just not in the mood to talk. It happens, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

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