thanking my online blessings



Whew! Felt so relieved now that I'm finally done posting all the tasks assigned to me by SS and SR. I've been writing reviews from here and there since last night and my brainy has been filtered real good...

now that is what we call "blogging like hell," LOL!

I know, I shouldn't be complaining...oh do I? No, I'm not.

Lately, I've read about some bloggers venting their frustrations through their posts about not having blogging opportunities coming their way. Hmm... I've been through that stage too. I did complain, yes... but I keep it to myself. True. Things finds its way to happen at its own pace like what it did to me now. So instead of grumping, why not just work and wait.

Aww... did I really said that??? Hmm... I'm not a patient type of person, either but...
I believe!
So I guess that's the right word there.
So instead of grumping... why not just work and believe!

I believe all of us has chances. All it takes I guess is just a little amount of effort. Blessings are best savored when least expected.

Thanks to
SS and SR for the job orders and to the other advertisers as well for the opportunities that has yet to come!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


7 Response to "thanking my online blessings"

  1. Lynn says:

    Exactly, Sis!

    Ako hulat lang jud. Muabot ra lagi na. Let's just be optimistic. I believe, all of us will each have our "time" for super dooper opps. Lol.


    Nancy says:

    that's right,sis. we really can't make things happen if they're not meant to happen ^^

    thanks for dropping by!

    Believe thats the word i believed in to. Im a new blogger and right now experiencing problem but im not giving up. there is a lot more bigger problem out there and this one is small. thanks for sharing. good post sis.

    liza says:

    it's nice to blog about your blessing, i am thankful too that i still get opps kahit na pr0 na ;)

    happy friday!

    Nancy says:


    if i can be of any help, feel free to drop me a message...TC!


    nice to hear from you again mommy...thanks for dropping by!

    Michelle says:

    I experienced that too but I'm not sure if I was complaining though. hehe How I wish I can give my opps to others coz I am too lazy to do any opps for weeks now. :)

    AiDiSan says:

    congrats for the job orders. unfortunately, i haven't receive opps for quite a while but i'll take your advise to just wait.

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